Reach Young Adults

A waterfall of grace.

Reach Young Adults is an opportunity for young people (18-20somethings) who are in college, working, or still figuring things out to come together and learn about what God has for them in their season of life.

Our Young Adult group goes through various studies tailored toward their stage of life. In a small group setting, young adults have the opportunity to further relationships with peers and mentors, all while learning what it means to live their lives to be about Nothing But Jesus.

Reach UD

Live on campus. Live on mission.

The college years are, arguably, the most formative years of life. We believe that deep discipleship and living in intentional Christian community leads to stronger faith and creates future Christian leaders in churches, families, and workplaces.

If you are a student at the University of Delaware and want the opportunity to reach other students for Jesus, apply to live at Reach UD. 

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