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Support Volunteers handle a variety of tasks either prior to or throughout the evening of the Night to Shine Prom on Friday, February 9, 2024 at Reach Church. Registration ends on January 21, 2024.

Support Volunteer Teams

Manage setup and decorations in the following areas: hair & makeup, shoeshine, photo booth, respite space, registration, ballroom, etc.
After a wonderful prom night we will need many hands to help clean up and pack away all of the rooms, activities, and supplies for Night to Shine 2025!
After each guest completes check-in you will receive their coat. At the end of the evening you will assist guests as they come to retrieve their coat.
As each volunteer checks-in, give them a name tag and connect them to their team leader. Once all volunteers have been checked-in, you’ll transition to the respite room to support parents and guardians.
You will assist guests to secure their boutonniere to their lapel or their corsage to their wrist. You will be putting the favor bags together and helping to give them out at the end of the evening.
You will welcome guests and parents and escort them to meet their Buddy. Once all guests have been checked-in begin to prepare the crowns and tiaras for the crowning ceremony.
As guests sign up and arrive for their limo ride, ensure that all walkways are clear, and assist guests into and out of the limo. You will be inside and outside, so please bring gloves and a hat to stay warm.
You will be responsible for a certain number of tables, and care for each guest in the ballroom is so important. Note that there will be gluten free options for dinner and dessert.
You will attend to one of the stations (photo booth, hair and makeup, professional portraits, red carpet, paparazzi etc.) and assisting each guest to have a great experience at your station.
This team will be singing along in the very popular karaoke room. If you like music and want to sing with our guests, this the team for you.
Help our guests to look shiny and polished for their pictures! The Shoe Shine Room is popular and a great opportunity to let our guests know just how much they are loved.
The Medical team will be positioned throughout the building during the prom to help guests with any specific needs or emergency situations.