Join Or Lead A Reach Group

Reach Groups are a key way we connect as a church by encouraging one one another to live to be about Nothing But Jesus.  They are a place for a people to know others, be known, discipled, and cared for by the church.  We offer both short-term and ongoing community groups, as well as some gender specific groups.

Joining a Reach Group is a great way to meet more people at Reach Church.  Reach Groups provide an opportunity to grow in relationship with others and grow in your relationship with Jesus at the same time.  In these groups we apply what Nothing But Jesus means in our daily life.  These groups meet together throughout the week.  Each Reach Group looks different.  Some are coed, some are great for young families, some are gender based, and some are activity based. Regardless of what type of group you are looking for, we will do our best to match you with a group that will fit you the best. 

Take a moment to fill out a quick form and we will be in contact you directly to connect with a group!

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